Our Love Story

It all began on August of 2010 in Chandler,AZ.
My parents and I had made the decision for me to attend one year of Bible College, we chose International Baptist College in Chandler, AZ. The semester was just beginning and I knew no one there, I was miserable it was way to hot in AZ for an Alaska girl and I hadn't really met anyone that I connected with yet. It was time for dinner so I walked into the dining hall only to realize that the only other people in there was a bunch of guys I hadn't met yet. I started talking to one and he introduced me to the rest of the group as "Maia the girl from Alaska." Jeremiah ( my fiance) immediately turned and asked me if they payed us to have kids up there. It was an odd question and made me laugh for the first time since I had been there. 

For the next six months Jeremiah and I became friends and he continued to make me laugh like no one else could. I had just gotten out of a long relationship and Jeremiah had just gotten burned by another girl so neither of us wanted to start anything but fate had other plans. 

In November Jeremiah asked me to our college formal, it was during that night that I realized I was falling hard and fast for this 6 foot 4" charmer.

 During Christmas break he texted me every day (I still hadn't caught on that he liked me, and he hadn't caught on that I liked him, we're slow I know.) Right before school started again a friend of mine stole my phone and pretending to be me told Jeremiah that I liked him a lot, I was mortified and texted him immediately trying to explain it wasn't me. He stopped talking to me for the rest of the break and I was sure it was because he didn't like me (little did I know it partially because he was disappointed that it wasn't me who had admitted to liking him and he was busy working as much as he could.) 

When school started again things picked right back up where they were before Christmas break.

 In January I finally realized that he liked me back and he caught on that I liked him too. 
(It took us long enough)

On Valentines Day of 2011 Jeremiah asked me out by writing me the sweetest letter I have ever read and then got my Dad's number to ask his permission. 

In March during Spring Break we went on our first official date due to the schools strict dating rules. We went to this little hole in the wall pizza place (that had the most delicious hand made pizza I've ever eaten) and watched a movie, it was then that we had our first kiss.

In May after school finished we both headed back up to Alaska I worked at a camp all summer and he worked as a commercial fisherman, we were able to see each other a few times during the summer and my family was able to get to know and love him.

 By the time August came around he went back to Arizona for school and due to financial issues I stayed in Alaska and worked for five months. Those were probably the hardest five months of our lives. 

 In January of 2012 I was able to afford to go back to school in Arizona and live with my grandparents five minutes away from the school Jeremiah was attending. 

In February Jeremiah and his friend Myles planned a rooftop Valentines dinner complete with candles and music for Myles' girlfriend Lexie and I. 

From January to mid May we spent every second together possible and enjoyed doing things like hiking in the Superstition Mountains, road tripping it to California to visit his family, dates at the park and revisiting our first date.

Come June, Jeremiah and a couple of his friends made a road trip up to Alaska, Jeremiah worked as a commercial fisherman again. At this time he also asked my father for his permission to start saving up to buy me a ring (it was granted of course.)
 I was busy helping my parents fix up their house, pack and hold weekly garage sales while working part time.

 In August he moved to Colorado to find a full time job and get a house.

  In October of 2012 my family and I moved from Alaska to South Dakota. 
Jeremiah flew up to visit me for a week. Jeremiah talked to my dad again and told him he was going to propose sometime that week.
 On the 29th we went on a picnic and it was then that he asked if I would marry him. 

We have set the date for March 9th 2013 and are anxiously awaiting that day so we can spend our forever together.
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  1. So are you moving out to CO?!? Such a cute sweet story!

    1. Yes I am! I get to visit him in two weeks and see CO for the first time, I can't wait it looks beautiful there!

  2. This is beautiful. I love reading people's love stories. Congratulations on your marriage :) I hope you'll do lots of wedding related posts. I saw your link on the 'I love my post' blog post and thought I'd check your blog out :)


    Emily xx

    1. Thank you! I do plan on doing a lot more wedding posts here soon. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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