Monday, April 1, 2013


Obviously since I've been married a whole three weeks I've got this marriage thing figured out. Ha just kidding, but there are a few things I've noticed so far.
1. Cooking for two when your used to cooking for more than seven, is very hard to say the least. (We still have two meals of spaghetti waiting in the freezer...and I won't tell you how much we've already eaten, all from one pot.)
2. Learning to sleep together is much more difficult than I anticipated...also I'm pretty sure he tries to kill me in my sleep, that's the only way I could possibly have all these ridiculous bruises.
3. There is only so much cleaning that can be done. I'm waiting till after we get back from Hawaii to get a job, so my day consists of making up chores I can do till Jeremiah gets home from work.
4. Getting to see him every day is all sorts of wonderful. Marriage is so much better than long distance dating.

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  1. I actually wrote a post a Long time ago about the trials of getting used to sleeping with your spouse! And it's true that marriage is far better than long distance dating!
    Here's that sleeping together post if you're interested in our adventures in adjusting to it! :P


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