Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Weekend

I don't have a grand post planned for today but I promise I'll make up for it later this week with some wedding goodness. Meanwhile here's how my weekend went down.

I worked on a wedding craft which I'll reveal to you later this week, it'll be awesome.

I went shopping for new jeans that actually fit and don't make me look like a wanna be gangsta. 
I discovered that my right leg is disturbingly bigger than my left. 
Ok back story time here,
I fractured my left knee at the end of September which has resulted in me wearing a brace and my poor right leg has had to take up all the slack.
 I am now the proud owner of one Arnold Schwarzenegger right leg, yep it's awful and makes looking for jeans a nightmare. 
Good news is my left knee is almost back to it's full functioning capability which means I can work them both out equally and get two Schwarzenegger legs.
 How's that for a mental image. 

Mom and I went wedding crazy at Hobby Lobby.
I discovered my love for signage.
Which means any sign that is red or gray and has love on it somewhere from Hobby Lobby is going to be found at my wedding. 
Good thing I can use them to decorate our house afterwards.

I ate a ton.
Because I start my allergy diet tomorrow.
Even though it's for my own good I'm still not looking forward to it. 

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