Friday, December 21, 2012

Communicating Effectively

On Monday in the post Strive for my Five, I mentioned that I wanted to support and love Jeremiah in the ways he needs me to not the ways I think. When we first started dating Jeremiah and I both took a class called Personal Evangelism 2. We all had to take a personality test and then throughout the semester we learned how to relate and communicate with other types of personalities. It was a great learning tool and our Teacher encouraged us who were dating to take the Five Love Languages Test. I took it later that year and discovered my Love Language is Quality Time with a close second of Words of Affirmation, Jeremiah's came up as Physical Touch (I think this is a common one for guys.) Throughout our relationship I've noticed that whenever there is a conflict or an issue arises it's partially due to us not paying attention to each other's Love Languages. I've never been a touchy feely kinda girl so I wasn't big on physical affection especially in public, this led to Jeremiah feeling unloved, I mean I wouldn't even hold his hand, poor guy. He eventually talked to me and told me how my actions were making him feel, since then I've been trying to work on it even though it's still not the easiest for me. Long Distance Dating has been hard for me since we aren't really able to spend any quality time with each other. Jeremiah and I have had to try and find new ways to spend quality time on each other without being together. Phone calls and Skype have been the biggest factor, and when we are able to actually be together we make sure to squeeze in as much quality time together as possible. If you haven't taken this test before I highly recommend it,  it's been a great tool in helping me understand how to show Jeremiah I love him and to understand myself a little better too.

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